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Transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach with intraoperative nerve monitoring

Inabnet WB, Suh H, Fernandez-Ranvier G

Transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy by a vestibular approach (TOETVA) is a novel technique for thyroid gland excision. Compared to the transaxillary endoscopic and bilateral axillo-breast approaches, which require substantial dissection to reach the thyroid gland, TOETVA provides the most direct access to the target organ.
The aim of this video is to provide a step-by-step overview of TOETVA and demonstrate how to set up and utilize intraoperative nerve monitoring.
Three incisions are placed in the vestibular region of the oral cavity just below the lower lip for placement of 2 lateral 5-mm trocars and 1 centrally placed 11-mm trocar. Insufflation to 6 mm Hg is used to maintain the working spacing. Using a 2-handed technique and triangulation, the thyroid gland is mobilized, taking care to identify and preserve the relevant cervical anatomy.
TOETVA is safe and feasible and provides an excellent cosmetic outcome with the most confidentially compared to the other remote access endoscopic approaches.