2016 – A singer rediscovers her voice after having Dr Suh perform her thyroid surgery

Year of procedure/evaluation: Marie J Chery Dieuve

For the last 20 years I've been debating the idea of having surgery of my goiter which was getting bigger and bigger everyday. I went for surgery about 16 years ago when I decided to decline having the procedure on the day of the surgery. When I met Dr. Suh this past November he made me feel so comfortable that I had no second thought going thru with the surgery. In two days I was home recuperating. In a week I have noticed that my breathing has gotten better. The best part of my recuperation is the fact that I have started singing again. I used to sing beautifully but for the past 10 years I had lost the joy of singing in church or anywhere else. Thank to Dr. Suh I have found my voice again