2017 – Dr Suh performs BABA robotic scarless thyroid surgery on grateful patient

Year of procedure/evaluation: Sarah Bird

After discovering that I had a 3cm lump on my left thyroid, I met with Dr. Hyunsuk Suh to go over my options. I was nervous about the size of the lump and the risk that it was cancerous (even though my biopsy came back benign). He was extremely thorough in walking me through my options, one of which was the BABA robotic scarless surgery. I tend to get keloid scars and am very fair-skinned, and I really didn't want a large scar cutting across my neck. After much consideration and discussion with both Dr. Suh and my family, I chose to undergo the BABA surgery. I was pretty nervous for surgery since it was my first operation, but Dr. Suh reassured me, and knowing the he was performing the surgery gave me a lot of comfort. Now, about a week and a half post-op, I could not be happier with the results. The surgery went very smoothly, as did my recovery, and now I only have a few tiny hidden scars to prove it. I cannot thank Dr. Suh enough for recommending and performing this procedure!