2017 – Dr. Suh removes large thyroid mass by BABA technique, avoiding a scar on the neck

Year of procedure/evaluation: Minnie

I am a 51 yr old female who underwent partial thyroidectomy by Dr. Suh’s BABA technique. During an ENT visit 11 yrs ago, an enlarged thyroid was discovered by accident. Since then it had been monitored through ultrasound and FNAB (Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy) twice. Two years ago during preadmission testing for knee surgery, a large mass causing tracheal deviation was found in my chest radiograph in the neck region consistent with the enlarged thyroid. Due to the size of the mass I had difficulty sleeping for many years and was advised to remove it. I had been researching procedures where neck scars could be avoided. It was as if God answered my prayers when I found Dr. Suh. He is one of the few thyroid surgeons in the United States that performs robotic thyroid surgery or the BABA procedure to avoid neck scars. During the initial consult I realized how kind, compassionate and down to earth he was and I felt I was in good hands. He removed a 7cm diameter and 70g mass from right thyroid through the axillary approach while preserving my left thyroid for normal physiological functions so that I would not need to take thyroid supplements. The mass was later consistent with initial diagnosis of benign uninodular goiter. Dr. Suh’s skills as a thyroid surgeon are unsurpassed and truly world class. I have no neck scars, my trachea is back to where it should be, and I’m sleeping better and back to my normal self in under a week’s time. Thank you Dr. Suh and your team. You are the BEST!